Privacy Policy

Kismet WellbeingKismet Wellbeing

This notice is for all clients receiving therapies from the named above. It applies to the processing of your personal data and information for treatment.

Section 1 sets out the purpose for which your data will be used by the named above following consultation.

Section 2 sets out the purpose for which your data will be used post treatment.

1) Use of your data during consultation prior to treatment.

As a client of the named above you consent to the processing, retention and sharing of your personal data for the purpose of assessment prior to treatment.

You can withdraw your consent and request erasure of your data at anytime.

2) The use of your data after treatment

As a client your data will be processed, retained and shared for reasonable purposes required by the code of conduct and ethics for professional practice, and or the standards required for professional associations. These purposes include, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  • Consultation process and observations
  • Treatment and recording of the therapy process and observations
  • Receiving and booking communications
  • Recording the outcomes of treatment
  • Referral to medical practitioners

Data is retained for legal obligations however you can object to data being processed, request access your data, request rectification of your data.

The legal bases on which your personal data will be used in accordance with section 2 are:

The legitimate interests for treatment and referral to medical practitioners.

Cancellation Policy

48 Hours notice is required for any cancellations. If less than 48hrs given, payment in full is required.

Disclaimer for Massage Therapy, Reiki and Sound

  • I understand that any treatments I receive are not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.
  • I understand that it is recommended that I see such a practitioner for any physical or psychological condition I have now or in the future.
  • I further confirm that I have read, understood and completed the above to the best of my knowledge and that all details provided are true and accurate.
  • I hereby release Kismet Wellbeing from liability resulting from the use of equipment, materials, preparations, products or treatments and assume full responsibility for all risks in connection with this treatment (save for any personal injury or death caused by their negligence).
  • I confirm that I am of lawful age and fully understand the contents of this form.
  • I understand that failure to disclose information requested above may result in adverse side effects in respect of which I accept full responsibility.
  • The undertaking of the treatment/s has been fully explained to me, and I fully understand the treatment/s or service/s to be carried out and complications which may arise or result during or following any procedure that is performed at my request.
  • I accept that if I am not satisfied with the treatment I will inform the therapist giving them the opportunity to address the issue at the time.