Massage with Kismet WellbeingYour choice from a sports, holistic, remedial, hot stone or pregnancy massage.

Massage Therapy

(Sports/ Holistic/ Remedial)

30 MINUTES – £35.00
60 MINUTES – £45.00
90 MINUTES – £55.00

Massage therapy that focusses on the manipulation, management and rehabilitation of soft body tissue including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Consultation and Postural Analysis will be carried out prior to treatment and will be included within the treatment period. Each treatment is uniquely tailored to meet individual requirements and may include a combination of Hot and Cold therapy, IASTM and TMJ techniques.

It can be relaxation, focusing on areas of concern or maintenance.

Indian Head Massage

30 MINUTES – £35

Treatment is done seated, oil may be used or done through clothing. This massage concentrates on upper back, neck, scalp and face. Using Pressure points, Petrissage movements, compressions. It can be energising and the benefits include better sleep, helps with sinus issues, tension on the upper back and reduce headaches.

Hot Stone Massage

60 MINUTES – £55.00

90 MINUTES – £60.00

Hot Stone Therapy using heated Volcanic Basalt Stones. The stones provide healing energy and utilise Reiki to help balance and reconnect the body and soul.

Pregnancy Massage

75 MINUTES – £50.00 from 2nd trimester

A perfect treatment to counter and help relieve the general aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Massage is carried out on the most comfortable position whilst laying on your side, you are assisted with various pillows and blankets.

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